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New to Alcohol Inks? Thrilled with the gorgeous colors? Read to unlock the mysteries of this new media and gain some control?

With 30 videos and an easy to follow text file, this course stimulates new ideas and gives you skills to move to the next level of alcohol ink painting. The class will be at your own pace. Each week you will see a new set of videos, instructions and assignments to share with a private Facebook group.

Click on the apple to see what we are painting in the Level 1 class.

You have lifetime access to all classes. Watch the videos and paint the projects as many times as you like.



Welcome to the Academy of Alcohol Ink.I'm Sheryl Williams and the founder. There are currently three instructors providing you with fantastic, easy to understand courses. You will increase your ability to paint with Alcohol Ink. All the classes are online, self paced with a private group on Facebook to share your art and your experiences. 

How do most student progress through the Levels?

Most students start with Level 1 to understand how and why the inks behave the way they do and begin to gain control. Then on to Level 2 to add brushes, pens, markers, and masking fluid. The culmination of Level 2 is to learn how to paint using light and shading to get a 3D appearance.

For many students Level 2 is the gateway to the advanced classes. You can go on to Level 3 Pets or Level 4 Water, Part 1 and 2, but for many students it is time to practice the skills they've just learned.

I have set up single paintings for you to practice. There are three teachers presenting their work in the single painting section. Access is also for one year.

What if I want to start at a higher Level?

Some students have experience with Alcohol Ink and are ready to start at a higher level. For those students their are short courses of the previous level with the most critical concepts bundled with the higher level. See the new Student Courses.

I love to teach and look forward to working with you in class. I hope you join us on this exciting adventure making alcohol ink your creative medium too.

Registration for Full Courses

Alcohol Ink Classes General Information - All Full Courses Begin the first and 15th of each month

Level 1: Beginning Alcohol Ink Artists Class 

Level 2: Tools and Techniques Class  

Level 3: Pets: Cats, Dogs, and Poultry Class  

Level 4-1: Water Part 1 

Level 4-2: Water Part 2 


About Sheryl Williams

I've been painting with Alcohol Ink since 2014. I love to teach, and your success is what makes me happy. I believe in moving step-by-step with clear explanations and video demonstrations to make sure that painting with Alcohol Ink is fun for you and that you can achieve beautiful results. My students live all over the world and we share the joy experimentation brings with this relatively new medium.

My paintings have won awards at regional art shows and juried exhibitions, including second place in a juried show in Ouray, Colorado. My paintings have been featured in the second edition of Cathy Taylor's Pigments of Your Imagination 2nd edition. 

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