s12-a1 Materials List to Download

Here are the files you'll need to download for the 3D Leaves painting.


3D Leaves Painting Material List (live link to Google Docs)

3D Leaves Painting Materials List in pdf format

This painting can be worked in an infinite number of colors. You may decide to use the colors I listed in the materials list and included in the color chart below, or go totally off script and use the ones you prefer.

For the background layer, I suggest any colors that will say “foliage.” You can go with several shades of gold and green, or even throw in a warm brown.

For the dragonflies and the flowers, the sky is the limit. The only rule is that whatever colors you choose, they should work well with your background colors, while giving you a nice contrast. We want those 3D components to POP!

I used several styles and brands of blender pens in this painting. You can opt to use one that works well for you, or like me, try several. But you must have at least one since that is an integral part of the technique to create the leaves on the background layer.

One of the fun aspect of this project is using a burning tool. I gave you a link to the one I used, but any burning type tool with a small point will do the trick. Alternately, you can decide to use an x-acto knife or even small scissors instead and completely forego using the burning tool.

The black construction paper can be replaced with any color paper that will give you a nice contrast behind the background layer. The mat can be white as I used or, once again, any color to match your decor. And of course, the same goes for the frame.

Here’s the 3D Leaves Color Chart in pdf format if you would like to download and print.

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