Tracing That Works For You

How much tracing is enough?

When we get into the pets and water classes there is a lot of detail in the subjects.  I get the question “How much tracing is enough?”  You need to decide this for yourself.  Often I will trace with a great deal of detail and then find when it’s time for the painting that I don’t need it.  That’s okay because I’ve been observing my reference photo.

You can see in Lisa’s video using the transfer paper that she just has the major shapes traced. The rest of the shading and color selection is done while she is painting.  For many people this is just fine.  For fur and feathers it’s probably more important to select the areas based on value and not need to trace every line of fur or feathers.  It’s fine to add some clues which direction the fur or feathers lay to remind you, but there’s no need to put in everything.

October 18, 2017

3 responses on "Tracing That Works For You"

  1. Anne, you are free now to trace and learn and drawing will come when it comes.

  2. Not knowing how to draw has really held me back from experiencing the pleasures of art. Alcohol ink deep-sixed that fear. Love those abstracts! I’m thrilled to find a home that will teach me how to trace and the acceptability of that process so I can finally learn to draw!

  3. I have used my own photos to trace and combine some with others to make a better composition. Then I painted them. I was so pleased w results.

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