Tracing That Works For You

There are different methods to transfer your image to paper and it’s a common practice especially for realistic painting. I use carbon paper between my black and white photograph and my yupo paper.  I use a black and white photo so I am forced to focus on values rather than colors or hues.  As I find values (lights and darks) critical in my paintings I appreciate every opportunity to observe them in my reference photo.

In this video by Lisa at Lachri, she uses transfer paper between tracing paper and her surface. This video is using acrylics with a background put down first and then white transfer paper so it can be seen.

October 18, 2017

3 responses on "Tracing That Works For You"

  1. Anne, you are free now to trace and learn and drawing will come when it comes.

  2. Not knowing how to draw has really held me back from experiencing the pleasures of art. Alcohol ink deep-sixed that fear. Love those abstracts! I’m thrilled to find a home that will teach me how to trace and the acceptability of that process so I can finally learn to draw!

  3. I have used my own photos to trace and combine some with others to make a better composition. Then I painted them. I was so pleased w results.

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