Tracing That Works For You

So many students remark that they don’t know how to draw and are really intimidated by it.  I was recently at a show where the judge remarked that only 3 out of 10 artists know how to draw.  So what do we do?  Certainly, you can learn how to draw but there is a lot of value in tracing your image so you can create without being paralyzed by the fear of drawing.

What are the benefits of tracing?

  1. It will improve your drawing skills
  2. It will improve your ability to observe values
  3. It will give you the time to explore and observe your reference photo.
  4. My mantra is “paint what you see know what you know” Lisa comments about this at 2:44 in the video on the next page
  5. The trace is not the final product.
  6. Tracing saves a lot of time
October 18, 2017

3 responses on "Tracing That Works For You"

  1. Anne, you are free now to trace and learn and drawing will come when it comes.

  2. Not knowing how to draw has really held me back from experiencing the pleasures of art. Alcohol ink deep-sixed that fear. Love those abstracts! I’m thrilled to find a home that will teach me how to trace and the acceptability of that process so I can finally learn to draw!

  3. I have used my own photos to trace and combine some with others to make a better composition. Then I painted them. I was so pleased w results.

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