The Free E-Book on Alcohol Ink is done. Please enjoy!

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For the three months over 80 alcohol ink artists have been worked tirelessly to bring techniques and examples to the world in a free eBook.  It is a marvelous expression of art from members of the Facebook Alcohol Ink: How It’s Done  group*.  You will find two sections: short tutorials and step-by-step techniques.

Special thanks to Willow Wand (Suzie Baker) and Anke v.d. Berg-Quanjer, editors and wizards.


I’ve got three entries: Tree Frog -Pg 12, Using Values to Bring Your Alcohol Ink Painting to Life – P133 and Going Home, Alcohol Ink on Yupo, Based on a Photo Pg 136

The contributors are from all over the world.

AIA Map smlr

Enjoy and please share your comments, I will forward them to the group.

You can find out more about the Alcohol Ink: How It’s Done Group on Facebook here.

March 23, 2017

4 responses on "The Free E-Book on Alcohol Ink is done. Please enjoy!"

  1. We’ve been spraying our tiles with a couple of layers of Kamar first and then enough layers of the Triple Thick Glaze to make them glossy. Are we spraying those in the wrong order? That has worked quite well for the small tiles, but we’ve got a couple of 12 x 12″ tiles and I’ve sprayed them more than half a dozen times with the Glaze and I cannot get them glossy to save my soul. Do you or anybody have any suggestions that might rectify my problem?

  2. I haven’t had a problem with the ink wiping off using Yupo. The tiles definately need to be sealed or they can scratch off. When I seal my Yupo work I use Krylon Triple Thick Glaze and then Kamar. Lately I’ve been scanning my work, keeping the originals and selling prints.

  3. How do you seal your work, it can be wiped off with a damp thumb even after months of drying and sealing with Kamar?

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