The Academy of Alcohol Ink is now CreateSmART.Academy

A Personal Note:

My friends, my students. I have loved teaching you over the last five years. My adventures and explorations with alcohol ink have become yours as well. You’ve tried new things, gotten pushed out of your comfort zone and found your voices in art. I am so grateful to have been a part of that process.  Some of my greatest joys have been working with you to discover the artists within.


I’ve decided to dedicate more of my time to my own art.  I need the time and peace to create. I hope I’ve given you a great start with Alcohol Ink. The full Level courses have taken you step by step along a path to learn how to paint with the exciting medium of alcohol ink. We’ve figured out how to change a flat piece of paper into expressions that come alive out of the page.  We’ve painted animals and people and oceans and rivers. I’ve made everything as simple as possible no matter how difficult the subject. Many of you have been happy to get a little control and some of you have worked with me to become fine artists. I am proud of all of you.


Now it’s time for a little change that I think will be exciting for you all. The four full extensive Level courses that sometimes take 3-12 weeks to complete and the 40+ paint along classes, including the wonderful classes from Serena, Sharen, Korinne, Peta, Helene, Teresa and Anastasia have merged with Laurie Williams’ Alcohol Ink Society classes to form CreateSmART will be the hub of eLearning for Alcohol Ink and Mixed media learning for many, many teachers.

What’s New

You will find that your classes are all available at the new website Login as you did at and use your same password.  If your password doesn’t work try Art1234@ or reset your password. Your classes still have lifetime access. I hope you find that the new site is easier to navigate than the old.  It’s very pretty and easy to follow. There is a new Prepare for Class video to show you how to navigate the new site. I’m sure you’ll love it.

For those of you that are members of Sheryl’s AI Students on Facebook, please join the new Facebook Group at

The Level 1-4 Facebook groups will remain as they are now.  I will continue to hold live chat sessions for the Level courses but twice a year rather than every quarter.

If you’d like updates on what’s going on at join the MailChimp list at 

So what does this mean to you?

  • All the classes/courses you’ve purchased are still available to you at
  • You have access to many more classes and teachers in both Alcohol Ink and Mixed Media 
  • is your go to hub to find online classes
  • I will still support your classes in Facebook, reduced live chat schedule
  • Laurie Williams will now be in charge of Marketing and Technical Support.
  • Share your single classwork in on Facebook now
  • Watch the video in Prepare for class to see how to navigate the site
  • Easier, clearing class navigation


Contact Laurie for technical assistance at

Contact Sheryl at

Mailing list

I appreciate you all and am so thankful that you’ve allowed me to be your teacher and mentor. I have learned so much from each and everyone of you. 

There will be a link on the home page at to direct you to the new CreateSmART Academy page.
Stay safe and healthy.

Here’s Laurie’s announcement


April 3, 2020

6 responses on "The Academy of Alcohol Ink is now CreateSmART.Academy"

  1. Deena, I’m still happy to help you with your journey. Blessings to you too.

  2. I’m sad I didn’t get time to finish my classes yet with you guiding me. My husband had deep brain surgery and I am still recovering from breast cancer. I will finish them in the future. You are so very talented. I appreciate everything you shared and taught me. I very much understand needing/wanting time to create. I believe its in our souls and needs to be expressed. You have been gifted with an immense amount of talent! May your time of creating be blessed. I look forward to seeing your work. Prayers and blessings…deena valentine

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for your help over the last couple years. I have learned so much from your classes and will continue to try new ones on the new site. Wishing you well in your pursuit. You are a phenomenal artist and I look forward to seeing more of your creations.

  4. Thanks Sheryl! Looking forward to continuing with your wonderful classes on the new website.

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