I’ve learned to look at things in a totally new way – Mike Van Horn


Taking classes with Sheryl has probably been one of the better decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve always wanted to paint, and dabbled long ago with oils but with no real success. Sheryl’s classes are fantastic, and if I have any questions she answers very quickly. Her narration as she works the projects with you is informative and even soothing, and very inspirational.

I’ve learned about the benefits of doing a value study, something I had never done or heard of before. Now I wouldn’t do a painting without one! I’ve also learned to look at things in a totally new way…”How would I paint that….how would I do the shadows?”. Because of this I find myself examining my subjects in a very detailed and informative manner that I had never considered before.

I’ve even interested my 80 year old father in AI, he has Sheryl’s Level 1 class and loves it. The one thing I’ve learned, more than anything, is that I can do this! I highly recommend Sheryl’s classes for the beginner, or even for someone who has more experience. 2 Thumbs up!

Mike Van Horn Salt Lake City, UT

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