Artistic License is a Good Thing – Columbine with “Wow”

Boy did I learn from this project. I’ve long admired the work of Botanical Artists like Anna Mason and Billy …Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsMarch 25, 2017

All About The Light – Part 1: Light Direction

In order to make your paintings interesting and dramatic you need to know light source and direction. This is one of two lessons on light.Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsDecember 18, 2016

Am I Blue? Value Study How To

I’ve come up with a fun method to figure out lights and darks.  Take a clear piece of plastic – …Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsSeptember 21, 2015

Yeah! Time To Paint: Tiger Cubs – Time To Play

I finally got a chance to paint again.  What a joy.   This is Time To Play based on Paul …Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsJune 15, 2015

Painting “A Special Bond”

I took several pictures as I painted this image to point out some tips and discover new ones. Starting with …Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsApril 7, 2015
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