Ready to Paint Portraits?



Start with the new Young Boy Portrait. This is a great way to begin painting portraits. The Young Boy has a minimum of skin tones and lots of hair. You will create a Value Study as a part of this course.  Students should have brush skills and detail pen skills. There are eleven videos in this class. The cost is $30





Once you have completed the Young Boy you will be ready to paint the Snowgirl. Learn to paint skin tones on Yupo and add beautiful eyes and lots of texture in the hat, hair and scarf. There are ten videos in this class. The cost is also $30







If you would like, there is a bundle of both portraits for $50.







VIP Subscription members have these two new paintings added to their list of available paintings bringing the current total up to 10 paintings for as little as $25 per month.




Portraits can be challenging no matter what the media. Alcohol Ink adds additional complications but You Can Do It and I will teach you how.

February 16, 2017

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