Level 4 Water Part 1 – Reflections and Rivers


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Level 4, the Water class Part 1 Is for students that have completed Level 2: Tools and Techniques Class or have extensive experience using Alcohol Inks. Prerequisite skills are Brushwork, Markers and Pens, Masking and Pouring. The Level 2 or Level 3 class is a prerequisite for this class.

Paint what you see, not what you know or think you know.

Find out why water looks the way it does, the reflective nature of water and how it changes our observation of water. See how your angle to the subject changes what is reflected and how the time of day changes the colors in the water.

In order to paint reflections we have to observe – angle, distortion, color shift, movement’s affect on the water.

The class is in two sections: Reflections and Rivers and StreamsReflections

  • Still Water – Color Shift
  • Ripples – How Much Movement?
  • Pick a Project and Share




  • Easy River Over Rocks
  • Mixing Your Own Colors
  • Deep, Fast River
  • Pick a Project and Share



Includes Level 4 Part 1 and Art Fundamentals

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