Level 2 – Alcohol Ink Tools and Techniques – Self paced or group




Level 2 is the Intermediate course.  Now that you have some control over the inks it’s time to add pens, markers, masking and begin to learn about values and shading.

You can take the class as self paced or join a small group with weekly Live chats beginning 8/6/19.

The Tools and Techniques Class is for those that have taken the Beginning Class or have some experience using Alcohol Inks including: Beginning Brush Work, Lifting, Masking, and Pouring

The class is in three sections, one per week is the general pace:

Week 1: Brushes and Markers For control

  • Brush Skills
  • Marker Skills
  • Practice – Silhouettes


Week 2: Penwork

  • Pen Skills and Selection
  • Project: Monarch Butterfly
  • Project: Reflection Barn at Sunset



Week 3 Detailed Masking and Blending

  • Detailed Masking
  • Practice – Spider Web and or Lightning Strike



Week 4: Shading and Values

  • Puffin and Zebra Projects:


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