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I’ve been in love with the Posca white bullet pen for a long time. The white is clear and much brighter than my old favorite the Sharpie Water-based White. So when they came out with a brush tip how could I resist?  I bought several and today was the day I tested it out. Not good.

First of all the brush tip was much bigger than I thought it would be. I was looking for something to get into small spaces.


The first problem I had was figuring out how to prime the pen. With the bullet you shake the pen, dab on a paper towel and you’re good to go.

With the brush tip there are pictures on the barrel how to use it and it looked like you twirl the barrel and then press on the end to prime it.

I finally figured out to take off the cover on the end opposite the brush tip and shake, shake, shake, then press the end of that barrel and dab on a paper towel.


Yay! I’ve got pigment to come out of the brush tip. How exciting.

So now let’s test it on Yupo and Tile. The brush tip delivered pigment less concentrated white than I wanted.



You can see the bullet nib on the left and the brush nib on the right.

Conclusion? I’m sticking with my bullet nib for brighter whites.

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January 19, 2019

6 responses on "Posca White Bullet vs Brush Tip"

  1. Sheryl, Thank you for this! Have you had any issue with the white turning yellow or taking on the color underneath? This happened to me and I’m not sure why.

    • Hi Kimberly,
      I don’t think I’ve had that issue but I can’t be certain as I’ve been spending way too much time with watercolor this year. I used to use several different tools to get whites: copic, Dr Ph Martin’s bleed-proof white and my favorite was the Sharpie Waterbased white. The Posca was better than all of the others. My Signo 250 tended to get clogged with ink. Here’s my experiments https://wp.me/p88F3C-m3 I did everything on black to get the best information I could. At this time I didn’t know about the Posca. I hope that is helpful.

  2. Thank you for this review, Sheryl! I ordered a bunch from dickblick in december and they are arriving next week. So glad I ordered the bullet and NOT the brush. This is my first time using them and happy to see you are pleased with the white!

  3. Love my Posca pens. I am never giving them up!

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