Portraits are so intriguing. They tell us so much about a person, their world, and emotions. Eyes draw us right in.

I See You - Charcoal


Red Hat Girl - Watercolor

Red Hat Girl In The Snow 1 Net

Drip, Drip, Drip - Charcoal

Drip Drip Drip 1228 X 1500

Gypsy Smile - Watercolor

Gypsy Girl 1 Net

Buckler - Charcoal

Buckler 1257 X 1500

Sage in the Aspens - Watercolor

Sage Scan 1 Net

Release - Charcoal

Released 1 Web

Danseuse - Watercolor

Danseuse 1 Net

Silver Fox - Charcoal

Silver Fox 1408 X 2000

Embraced by Love - Watercolor

Loving Embrace 1 Net

Chris and His Dog - Charcoal

Chris And His Dog 1 1045 X 1500

I've Got a Secret - Watercolor

I've Got A Secret

Peace - Charcoal

Enrico Ravenna Eyes Closed 1610 X 2000

Tibetan Princess - Watercolor

Tibetan Girl 1 Net

Moody Blue Eyes - Charcoal

Moody Blue Eyes 1577 X 2000

Looking Out the Window - W/C

Old Man Looking Out The Window 1 Net

Wet - Charcoal

My Wet Faced Man 1927 X 2000

Uhtred - Charcoal

Uhtred of Bebbaburg from The Last Kingdom




Barefoot Girl 1459

The World

Bike In Rome 1567 X 2K
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