Oooh – Happy Birthday To Me (Markers Continued)

Look what I got today – Prismacolor Markers set of 48 with Brush tips/bullet tips

Prismacolor Brush Tips(click on image to drool)

and a set of 12 Sharpies with brush tips.

Sharpie Brush Tips

Several friends remarked on my Marker Comparison post that I really needed to check out the brush tips on the Prismacolors and Sharpies and, since it was my birthday, I went shopping.

I just made a few strokes with the Prismacolors and fell in love. I’m so glad I got the 48 set.  I will have to make an additional video with my experiences with these new beauties and will post soon.

February 13, 2017

6 responses on "Oooh - Happy Birthday To Me (Markers Continued)"

  1. I told you that you would love them..the price is much better as well..did you get the brush tips? i love how sturdy the tips are, i keep adding alcohol to them and the colors stay true!

  2. I just played with the Prismacolors a bit and I can’t tell the difference to the Copics.

  3. Oooooooooo I’m envious!

    Can’t wait to hear your comparison.


  4. I will need to play with them a little bit.

  5. Do you like them better than the Copic?

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