Marker Comparison

There are several different Alcohol Ink markers on the market.  The most popular are Copics, Spectrum Noirs and Sharpies.

As a part of the Level 2 class we develop skills using Markers, Brushes and Pens.  I’ve created a video comparing different Alcohol Ink Markers.

As my work gets more and more detailed, I’m loving Markers.  In the video we look at:

  • Spectrum Noir Markers – original (4 sided) and new (six sided)
  • Adding a brush nib to a new, six sided Spectrum Noir Marker
  • Copic Markers – original (square) and Sketch (Oval)
  • Prismacolor – original bullet and broad nib (there is a new brush nib one but I don’t have any)
  • Sharpies – bullet nib (there’s a brush nib of these too)
  • Chameleon Pen

2 – Marker Comparison from Sheryl Williams on Vimeo.

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  1. Are there conversion charts for materials used in level three courses. . .if so, how do i access the information?

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