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I just hate it when a class that I’ve purchased expires. Life happens, we get busy, we get on another path, family and medical issues occur.

For this holiday season, I decided to make all of the classes for everyone Lifetime Access.

Over the last three and a half years that I’ve been teaching, things have changed. Alcohol Ink was very new as an art medium in 2015. We were all attracted to the inks for the same reasons – color, vibrancy, moment of the inks. My personal mission was to figure out how to create representational paintings in ink – learn to control them.

Classes were really courses for the next couple of years. People wanted to know step by step and they wanted to know why the inks did what they did.  The courses contain 10-15 projects to build ink and art skills along the way to creating beautiful art.

In 2016 I launched single classes. These are a way to learn skills while creating a specific painting.  Today there are 31 single classes with seven different teachers.  The idea of the Academy of Alcohol Ink has come to fruition.  With different instructors we get different styles and methods and lots to paint.

I hope that you will take the opportunity to review your old classes and look at some new ones and I wish for you that you’ll never see “Expired” next to your class.

Happy Holidays,


November 29, 2018

14 responses on "All Students, All Classes - Lifetime Access"

  1. I’m super stoked to start with your classes! I’m in such a quandary of where to start! Lol I’m a kid in a candy store right now! Haha just started the fall leaf course and already learned valuable info! Thank you for that…now on to more exciting classes.

  2. What a great gift! I just joined your Academy and looking forward to taking classes! Lifetime access to the instructions will be a great bonus!

  3. Thank you for mastering the representational qualities of the inks! After several years of “going with the flow”,I wanted to stretch my skills…your classes are perfect for stretching those skills.

  4. Thank you so much! What a generous gift! Now I can look forward to your marvelous classes in the future when I will hopefully have time to enjoy!

  5. Thank you, Sheryl, very much appreciated, and won’t make me shy away from a course in case I run out of time to complete it. I’m busy with so many things. Also, sometimes I like to go back much later and review what I learned.
    Merry Christmas!

  6. What a wonderful gift! Thank you Sheryl for sharing you love of this medium with us!

  7. I would love lifetime access!

  8. I love your classes, and now I can enjoy them whenever, forever! Thank you so much Sheryl!

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