Just released. Korinne Carpino Perennial Garden Fence class


Do you love flowers? Want to paint them in Alcohol Ink? Would love to create a beautiful garden packed with gorgeous summer flowers? Korinne Carpino of Korinne Carpino Art has joined our staff at the Academy and brings us a wonderful class painting a garden offset with a lovely white fence.

Learn how to paint the depth of the garden, create the impression of some of your favorite summer bloomers and see the affect of a fence to add to the composition.

Korinne is a lovely teacher. She is calm and clear and makes painting with her so much fun.

You can find out about the class here:

Learn more about Korinne here.

We are so happy that she has joined our Academy of Alcohol Ink Instructors.

Here’s a little video to see what class is like:


November 24, 2018

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