How to Select A Reference Photo

I spend hours looking at reference photos hoping to fall in love.  I decided it would be interesting to look at how to pick a photo.  These are pictures that I took of a cactus blooming in my backyard.  I wanted to paint the details of the inside.

Pink Cactus 1

This picture is at an angle from above which doesn’t draw you in but it lets you see how little this guy is.





Pink cactus 2This one lets you see the details but there isn’t enough light contrast to be interesting. This is the most common issue I find is that there is not enough light contrast. Also two flowers doesn’t feel balanced.



Pink Cactus 4 weird focus



This one has weird focus on the back flower but I do like the sky behind.




IMG_3009 copy 2

Great light and details.

Good contrast with the rock shadowOMG there’s a grasshopper on it. But I think we can get rid of it. (click to see it)

This would be the one!


February 14, 2017

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  1. Thank you, Sheryl ! You are so generous to share all of this with us !!

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