How To Paint Eyes In Alcohol Ink Part 1

First we have to observe . One of the many joys of painting is the pleasure of observation.

What do you notice when you look at an eye? (A)

Map Girls Eyes
A (Click to Enlarge)

Pupil Shape
Eyebrows, eyelids,
Eyelashes – direction, length, color, shadows on the eye
Reflection (windows)
Sclera color and shading
Difference between the right and left eye


eye structureHere’s a quick diagram of the anatomy of an eye (B)



Let’s look at some more Human examples: (C)

Human Eyes
C (Click to enlarge)


Iris patterns





Primate and Horse
D Primate and Horse (Click to enlarge)



How about some animals? (D)




E (Click to Enlarge)



I love frogs. (E)





Can we paint them? (Scroll to see excerpts of some of my alchol ink eyes)

In Part 2 I’ll demonstrate how to paint eyes with Alcohol Inks.

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  1. Wow Sheryl, your blog is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing your techniques.

  2. Thank you so much for this.

  3. Thank you Karen. I’m surprised at how much thought it takes to present in a really clear manner. I hope what I’m offering will help others.

  4. Wow, terrific, Sheryl !! Thank you !

  5. Love this. Can’t wait to see part 2!

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