Hooray! The Spectrum Noir Refills are Back.

I am so pleased to say that the Spectrum Noir Refills are back on the Market. They were taken off a little over a year ago because the bottle needed to be redesigned. The folks at Crafter’s Companion have been so kind as to replace my entire set of refills.  After a few days opening boxes and testing them out, I realize how much I’ve missed these refills.

Here are some of the backgrounds I painted with them before.

What I love about these refills is that the ink is so concentrated right out of the bottle without waiting for ink to evaporate to get darker, you get a large range of values with one refill, the eyedropper allows control and you can put a lot of ink down quickly.

Watch my video to see:

  1. Old and new bottle design
  2. Ideas for storage for the new bottle
  3. Pricing and comparative volumes
  4. Watch how an example of the Copic Refill, Ranger ink, Pinata ink, Zig Kurecolor Refill and Spectrum Noir Refills move and range of colors.


I’ve created charts of the colors in two sets: 1) out of the bottle so you can see how concentrated the colors are, and 2) with some of the ink lightened to see the range of values you can get out of each ink. Click on the Image to open each chart in pdf format so you can download them.


Chart 1 GB FS LY CT OR pure drops no swiping

Here are the charts both with and without swiping. These pdfs will open in a new tab so you can download the file.

Chart 1 Gold Brown, Flesh, Light Yellow, Citrus, and Orange pure drops no swiping

Chart 1 Gold Brown, Flesh, Light Yellow, Citrus, and Orange with swiping



Here’s a bonus. This is a Copic/Spectrum Noir Conversion Chart. Way cool!

Click to open pdf for download in a new tab



January 27, 2018

4 responses on "Hooray! The Spectrum Noir Refills are Back."

  1. Sheryl, I just reviewed your info video and downloaded the charts. wonderful information. Especially the copic/spectrum noir conversion chart. Besides being a extraordinarily excellent artist you are a lifesaver with all the information that you have put together for us!! Thank you!!!!!

  2. Thanks for this Sheryl! It reminded me to give them a call and get my items shipped here to AZ, since I was in OR when I originally contacted them. They are easy to work with and had sent replacement markers for the refills that had gone bad. Great video and excellent information!!!

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