Help – FAQs and Video Tutorials Guide to the Academy

This Help Page is divided into two sections:

1. Frequently Asked Questions

2. Academy Help Videos


The Frequently Asked Questions section provides short answers for potential students about the courses and classes.

The Academy Help Videos are step-by-step videos from 2 to 6 minutes long demonstrating different portions of the Academy site.


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The courses including videos and lesson are available during your subscription period. All full courses, Level 1,2,3, 4a & 4b have an automatic one year subscription. Single Painting classes have a year subscription period.

No, the videos are streamed. As long as you have high-speed internet you can watch them as many times as you want during your subscription period.

There is really no way of getting “behind” in the Academy. All the videos and lessons are available during the subscription periods. You can take your time and complete the lessons at your own pace.

 All of the Academy of Ink step-step-tutorials are divided into either Full Courses or Single Classes.

Full Courses

  • Are carefully planned to help you improve as quickly as possible.
  • They help you build a well-rounded set of painting skills.
  • Consist of technique lessons and extended paintings

Single Classes:

  • Give you the satisfaction of completing a full image from start to finish.
  • Teach you techniques through one full painting.
  • Are a great follow on to a course after Level 2. 

  • Take a course to understand this new media of Alcohol Ink and to explore new subject matter.
  • Take a course to learn more about Art Fundamentals of Observation, Composition and Values
  • You’ll need to finish Level 2 to have the skills and techniques for the Single Classes.
  • Take single classes for inspiration and fresh ideas and to practice what you have learned
  • Take single classes if you want an immediate sense of completion
  • Take single classes to practice the skills you have learned in your courses.

There is a material list for each class. If you do not have the materials you are encouraged to learn how to substitute other brands of inks, markers and pens. For the Level 3 and 4 classes there are comparison charts to help you make substitutions.

If you are uncertain where to start, email three of your best alcohol ink paintings to me at  I will look them over and help you decide. 

Yes, as the class is all internet based, everything should work on your mobile device. Testing has been done on an iPad. If you have any problems, let me know. 

Paypal will convert from your currency to US dollars. There is no additional fee on your part.

Yes, you may purchase a gift certificate for a course, single or a VIP subscription. Click here to add a Gift Card to your shopping cart. You can select the amount. The card/certificate will come in an email that can be used by the student as full payment or as a partial payment.

Earn a 10% discount on a full or single course when you refer a friend and they sign up for a class. You will receive a referral coupon in the mail to use for your next purchase. Be sure that your friend has your name and email to enter when they sign up for the Academy of Alcohol Inks.

No you don’t but it’s a great way to connect with others.

academy-help-videosHere are videos to help you use the site. Click on the item to open up the video. Click again to close it.

How to Sign Up and Register for an account at the Academy of Alcohol Ink.  You can access the Academy site without registering, but if you would like to sign up for classes you can set up an account before you purchase a class or from your cart when you purchase a class.

Also if you would like to name the person that referred you to the classes, please sign up to establish an account and enter their name and email address.  They will receive a referral discount coupon for their next class.

Sign Up Video from Sheryl Williams on Vimeo.

There are three ways to select your class at the Academy of Alcohol Ink at Academy, Search Courses and Shop.

Select Class from Sheryl Williams on Vimeo.

Step by step how to purchase classes and process though Paypal

ContePaypal is a safe, secure way to make purchases online.

Here’s an article from WikiHow – How to set up a Paypal Account


How to Begin Your Course at the Academy of Alcohol Ink at This video includes navigating the course, opening and downloading your class documents, files, and reference photos,marking a unit complete and using the Tool Box.

How to view multi-page units, write a review, finish your course and access it again after it is finished.


How to have your friend enter your name as a referee, receive your coupon in an email and apply your coupon to your purchase.

Use a Referral Coupon from Sheryl Williams on Vimeo.

Give or Receive a Gift Certificate towards the purchase of a class at the Academy of Alcohol Ink.

Gift Certificates from Sheryl Williams on Vimeo.



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