It’s time to practice your pouring and pen/marker skills with this neat Iguana.

It is a wonderful experience to paint the essence of a subject, not the entire subject.  How do you figure out what is the essence? In this class you will decide what is important and paint that on a wonder, poured background using your pen, marker and brush tools for emphasis.

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  1. This fellow was a great painting to do. . .”less is more” applies here. . .great editing exercise. . .

  2. I learned a lot of new things with this class. I was especially interested in learning the essence of a subject instead of the entire subject. I can get so detailed and I thought this would help me loosen up and it did. Great instruction.. very well done class. Thanks. I would have left a 5 star but couldn’t find a place to leave the review.

    • Thanks so much Linda. I’ll have to figure out how to leave stars. I love that you were able to combine loose and detailed. Essence – such an important concept. I hope you continue with more classes. Best to you.

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