How To Use Contact Paper Instead of Masking Fluid

In my quest for effective masking, I decided to try out contact paper (adhesive shelf liner) to see how well it worked.  I was really shocked at how easy it was to use and how clean the surface was when it was lifted. I had some experience with Frisket film but it’s quite pricey and when I used it with watercolor it wasn’t always a clean lift.

The first experiment was the shape of a cat cut out of contact paper and adhered to a ceramic tile.


The cat was cut out of Duck brand “Peel & Stick Vinyl Covering” contact paper, pressed to the ceramic tile, background was poured and the contact paper was removed.  I’ll probably paint in the cat later but at this point the idea was to see how effective the contact paper was.

Cat Masked Contact Paper

The next question was: “How does it work on Yupo Paper?” And the answer is – wonderfully.


February 13, 2017

2 responses on "How To Use Contact Paper Instead of Masking Fluid"

  1. Have you ever put contact paper on top of dried alcohol ink? I would like to have a “base” color and then put the sticker on and add more ink. I’m wondering if it will pull up the base from the tile

    • Hi Dena,
      I haven’t tried that. I have put a base color down and then added masking fluid on top. It did keep most of the color. You’ll have to try the contact on dried ink and then add more ink and let us know how it works.

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