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The registration procedure is:

1.  Complete the form below:

2. I will send you an invoice through Paypal for $60 or $80 for Level 3s that have not yet taken Level 2.
3. When I receive the funds I will enroll you in a Preparation class that takes about 10 minutes to make sure that your computer/device is ready for class.
The material list is in the Preparation class.
4. You will be enrolled in a private Facebook group for members of the class to share and collaborate.
5. The Class will open on the date listed for the class.

The class is self-paced so you can work at whatever time and speed is good for you.
There will be new material each of the four weeks and the lass is available to you for one year.


9 responses on "Online Classes - Register For Class"

  1. I have completed week 1 and have learned many things that I didn’t know about the ink. I have a questions, what link of compressor do you use.. Canned air works ok, but now getting what I want.

  2. I have tried it a few times myself. I am in Canada and it is hard to find anyone who does hands on classes. I really want to learn to make simple creations on yupo paper. Thanks!

  3. Just wondering if you have a sample post of the online class. Thst say I will know better if this is something I can easily follow etc

  4. Hi Sheryl I am interested in the level 2 tools and techniques class starting March the 5 th . Cost in aus dollars etc please. Please pm me
    Kind regards
    Dawn Haylock

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