The innocence of childhood warms our hearts and takes us to a time of wonder and joy.

Twirling - Watercolor

Twirl 1 Net

Red Hat Girl - Watercolor

Red Hat Girl In The Snow 1 Net

A Mother's Love - Watercolor

Joyful Love 1 Net

Gypsy Smile - Watercolor

Gypsy Girl 1 Net

Discovering the Ocean - W/C

Kids At The Beach 1 Net

Sage in the Aspens - Watercolor

Sage Scan 1 Net

Baseball Fans- Watercolor

Baseball Boys 1 Net

Barefoot Down the Road - W/C

Barefoot Girl 1 Net

A Day at the Beach - Watercolor

Day At The Beach 2 Net

Embraced by Love - Watercolor

Loving Embrace 1 Net

Fat Baby at the Ocean - W/C

Baby On Beach

I've Got a Secret - Watercolor

I've Got A Secret

Tibetan Princess - Watercolor

Tibetan Girl 1 Net




Barefoot Girl 1459

The World

Bike In Rome 1567 X 2K
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