New class, New Technique – Batik Iris

Batik and Alcohol Ink - A wonderful combination.

Batik is a style that I’ve always thought was beautiful. Whenever I’m in the fabric store it’s the Batik fabrics that catch my eye.

I was curious to see how traditional techniques using wax for resist would work with Alcohol Inks. Guess what? It’s beautiful.

I used paper that had long threads, called Unryu/Mulberry paper to paint a lovely iris I found on Pixabay. The paper is often called Japanese Rice Paper but this paper, with the long threads, is from Thailand.  The inks sink into the paper rather than moving quickly across the paper and leaves a very rich, gorgeous range of colors.  Blending is really fun, creating great tones of colors that we love so much in alcohol ink.

The paper is transluscent and I found that sometimes I like the painting better on the reverse side rather than the front because you can see more of the threads. There is even Unryu Paper with Gold or Silver Threads. I’ve also painted on Ginwashi/Kinwashi paper that is Japanese and made of Kozo and Hemp. It’s has short threads and also a wonderful texture.

The paintings are mounted onto foam core and then framed. The white foam core allows the colors to really stand out.

For this class, I’m also offering a kit of papers to help students with the cost of shipping.

Click the image to join this new class Batik Iris to learn about Batik and also how to paint a bearded iris. The class is 2 hours of clear, easy to understand, video instruction.

Alcohol Ink Batik Iris


November 1, 2018

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