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Hélène Rush is now Teaching!

I have exciting news! Our newest instructor Hélène Rush has put together a fantastic new class, the Ostrich Painting, done …Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsApril 12, 2017

Artistic License is a Good Thing – Columbine with “Wow”

Boy did I learn from this project. I’ve long admired the work of Botanical Artists like Anna Mason and Billy …Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsMarch 25, 2017

A Cool Computer Tool to Help You Pick Your Colors and Lots More

PIXLR Editor is a great free tool to use on the net. You can use it to help you select colors, crop your images, find the rule of thirds and lots of other things that are commonly done with Adobe Photoshop. Did I say free? Yes. Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsMarch 5, 2017

Go for the Glow

Find the light and stay true to the contrast between light and dark to get your painting to glow.Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsFebruary 16, 2017
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