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Understanding Alcohol Ink – Lesson #3 Push and Glide – How

In this lesson we apply what we have learned in the first two lesson used the Push and Glide technique, starting to gain control over the alcohol inks.Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsJune 17, 2017

Understanding Alcohol Ink – Lesson #2 Proportion Between Alcohol and Dye

Alcohol Inks are Dyes in Alcohol Solution. As the Alcohol Evaporates it changes our medium. In this lesson we compare different inks, different brands and find out what happens as the alcohol evaporates. Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsJune 10, 2017

Understanding Alcohol Ink – Lesson #1 The Role of the Alcohol

What makes Alcohol Inks different than other medium is the Alcohol. Let's find out what role it plays in our paintings.Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsJune 4, 2017

Wow! Hélène Rush has created a new way to create with Alcohol Ink.

This 3D Leaves Painting is new way to create with Alcohol Inks. A 9-part video lesson includes several techniques using …Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsMay 27, 2017

Sharen AK Harris is Your New Instructor

I have more exciting news! Sharen AK Harris has joined our teaching staff. Sharen has put together a wonderful new …Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsMay 2, 2017

Time to Paint – Kingfisher

I really was attracted to Russ Bridges image of a Kingfisher from Photos for Artists on Facebook. Here’s my painting. It’s …Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsApril 22, 2017
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