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Understanding Alcohol Ink – Lesson #12 Brushes

We love brushes. We use them with other media so why not use them with alcohol inks? Here we look at a variety of brush shapes, synthetic and synthetic blend brushes, layering and mixing and more.Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsOctober 11, 2017

A Kind Soul – Spectacular New Class Just Release

Just Released – A Kind Soul Online Alcohol Ink class. Delight your friends with this beautiful horse painting. 18 narrated …Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsSeptember 30, 2017

Understanding Alcohol Ink – Lesson #11 Substrates – Surfaces

Alcohol inks can be used on lots of different non-porous surfaces. I hope to save you time and expense by demonstrating how the Ranger inks pour, move, and lift on 16 different surfaces. Also included is a summary of findings and a cost comparison.Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsSeptember 23, 2017

Understanding Alcohol Ink – Lesson #10 Staining

Staining can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing. Learn all about staining, how to make a staining chart, and create a turtle with staining as a part of the painting.Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsSeptember 10, 2017

Understanding Alcohol Ink – Lesson #9 Textures Part 3 Fan, Wisp Brushes, Monoprints & Folded Yupo

Fan and wisp brushes are lots of fun to paint grasses and all kinds of things. A monoprint is a one of a kind creation. We will make a traditional monoprint and then use Transluscent Yupo folded for more excitement.Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsAugust 29, 2017

Understanding Alcohol Ink – Lesson #8 Textures Part 2 Toothbrushes and Felt

Imagine how little sprays of alcohol will enhance your painting and find out how to use felt to create leaves in trees.Read More

Profile PhotoSheryl WilliamsAugust 20, 2017
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