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Mar 10,15

My name is Sheryl Williams and I am an Alcohol Ink Artist from Delta, Colorado. This site is an opportunity to present …

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Love My Shoe

Mar 8,15

I’ve wanted to paint this image for the longest time but I was afraid that it would be too monochromatic.  …

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Mar 7,15

Ema by Audra Timas. For a competition on Paint My Photo. I fell in love with her eyes. 8.5 x …

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How to Select A Reference Photo

Mar 6,15

I spend hours looking at reference photos hoping to fall in love.  I decided it would be interesting to look …

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Tracing Example

Mar 6,15

I decided to show you how I trace and paint a cat’s eye.  This is from Audra Timas at PMP …

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How I Paint

Mar 4,15

Hello friends, Many people ask me how I’ve learned to paint the way I do.  I am self taught and …

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