16 New Paintings Added To The Level 1 Student Gallery

As the October Level 1 class ends I would like to share their paintings in the Level 1 Student Gallery.

New paintings by: Joining paintings by:
Cathy Brillhart
Lisa Crosby
Erin DePino
Anya Getter
Emily Holmes
Maria Mason
Janet Mayfield
Pat Bell
Debra Boulay
Debbie Brown
Margaret Coleman Hoffman
Di Faria
Ginny McCartha Smith
Sherri Patterson
February 13, 2017

2 responses on "16 New Paintings Added To The Level 1 Student Gallery"

  1. These are wonderful. I cant thank you enough for getting me hooked on working in AI. Your class level one class gave me confidence in trying something new.

  2. Beautiful as usual. A very talented group of people.

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